Brig. Richard Karemire

The Spokesperson of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces – (UPDF) and the Ministry of Defence & Veterans Affairs – (MODVA), Brig. Richard Karemire has refuted reports coming out of Makerere University that a military police soldier was stoned to death in running battles there with students who are protesting the 15 per cent hike in tuition increment.

One of the ‘fake news’ as posted by Karemire went as, “The Military Police soldier has been injured/stoned to death at Makerere University.”

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Despite Karemire’s assertion that the report is fake, another individual posted: “The situation is getting worse at Makerere University. It has been reported that one soldier has been stonned by the students and he is died. We are waiting for more information coming in. Let’s keep it.”

Karemire instead said that the Uganda Police Force would continue to be supported by all sister security agencies to enforce law and order in the country.

Reports indicate that the military last night raided students’ halls of residence, beating up occupants without mercy.

“The military raided halls of residence in the middle of the night yesterday at Makerere University. They ruthlessly battered without discrimination any student they chanced upon,” posted MP Zaake

The photos of tortured circulating on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter photos are just a few of the many victims currently fighting for their lives in various hospitals around Kampala, Zaake said.

It is alleged Military Police raided, sieged Lumumba and Mary Stuart halls at night and indiscriminately broke into students’ rooms’ before brutally beating them up. in the same manner Siperia Mollie is believed to have been found unconscious a day ago.

It is said some students with disabilities were also indiscriminately clobbered and bundled up on military vans.

It is reported that Michael Balibali, a deaf and dumb student was clobbered and taken to an unknown location, Susan Nakanwagi, a resident of Mary Stuart Hall was assaulted.

Nsamba Patrick, the Students Guild Finance Minister’s room was been broken into and some of his property vandalised.

Makerere University students have been demonstrating since early this week, demanding that the 15 percent fees increment be dropped.