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Uganda is gifted by nature. Unfortunately it is very hard to simply have a waterfall experience outside Murchison falls and Sipi falls. For some of the best off the beaten path Uganda safari experiences, waterfall visits are highly recommended. 

In order to explore all these waterfalls at your own pace, it is recommended you hire a car from any respected car rental agency in Uganda. Alternatively, you can ask your travel agent to include for you a waterfall other than Murchison falls and Sipi falls since these are likely not to miss in most Uganda safari itineraries. 

Sipi Falls

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Sipi falls is one of the most recommended weekend getaways. Located in Kapchorwa district the home town for Uganda’s most internationally decorated athlete; Joshua Cheptegei.  The community has four major waterfalls. 

The waterfall with the longest hike is found on the lower side of the road. It is also from the same waterfall where abseiling takes place. The upper side of the road has three waterfalls. Out of these three waterfalls, it is only one that offers a top of the falls experience where amazing photoshoots can be done.

In order to avoid an disappointments, it is recommended you get a tour guide from the tour guides office. 

Murchison Falls

Murchison falls; located within Murchison falls national park in northern Uganda are the world’s strongest waterfall. Adjacent to Murchison falls, the Nile forms another waterfall in the same location known as Uhuru falls.

Currently speaking, Murchison falls national park has the most paved roads compared to other national parks in Uganda making the park driving experience easy. It should also be noted the waterfalls offer mainly three spectacular experience; the boat cruise to the bottom of the falls, the hike to the top of the falls and sunset at the top of the falls. 

Ssezibwa Falls

One of the most ignored gems of Uganda. Ssezibwa falls are the closest waterfalls to Kampala’s capital Kampala. The waterfalls double as a cultural heritage center as well as a meditation location for different groups of people. Besides the marvelous views of the strange falls, there is an opportunity for community nature walks as well as mountaineering bikes. 

It is one of those locations in Uganda that have not been developed thus keeping the natural environment aura present until now. 

Itanda Falls

Grade 5 rafting is one of the adrenaline adventure activities that Uganda offers. But even for those not interested in rafting, the waterfalls are accessible all the yearlong. It is at Itanda falls that the craziest Nile rafts in Uganda take place. 

Visiting these waterfalls gives you an opportunity to spectate some of the craziest white water rafts Uganda has to offer. Similar to Sipi falls, Murchison falls and Ssezibwa falls, Itandafalls can easily be accessed even on a self drive safari to Uganda.

Busowoko Waterfalls

Busowoko waterfalls are undeniably one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Uganda. It is at these waterfalls that Nile water rafting begins from before proceeding to Itanda falls. Busowokowaterfalls have a rich cultural heritage worth exploring on your visit to this place.

Another important aspect to note about this place is the large parking space similar to that of Itanda falls. The waterfalls can be visited throughout the year. 

Sisiyi Waterfalls

Sisiyi waterfalls are the most organized waterfall destination in East Uganda. The waterfalls come before Sipi Falls on your way from Mbale. They are the second most popular waterfalls in Eastern Uganda after Sipi falls and are located close to Mount Elgon.

They waterfalls offer a special hiking experience in a relatively well administratively managed destination. They are part of the Mount Elgon hike and quite adventurous to hikers.

Aruu Falls

Aruu waterfalls are relatively the most distant waterfalls from Uganda’s capital. In order to visit these waterfalls, you will have to deliberately make it your destination on simply a detour. If these was a possibility for an aerial view, Aruu falls would have offered the best optical satisfaction among all waterfalls in Uganda. 

The waterfalls are found in Kabong. For those considering a visit to Kidepo valley national park, Aruu falls would be a recommended destination to include on your itinerary. 

Amabere Falls

Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru caves is one of the Fort Portal hidden gems. Many people are inspired to visit this place because of the caves and the cultural heritage attached to it. But the Amaberefalls are a unique icing to the Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru cave tour. 

The place has not had a lot of human activity making it offer a unique natural environment experience. You can also dare yourself to try out meditating from the same destination. 

Nkusi River Falls

Have you heard of Bugoma forest in western Uganda? Now Nkusi falls are hidden within the same forest. It is one of those waterfalls that you can simply watch and admire from a far because of its unique scenery. 

Like Gibuzare waterfalls, it is among those waterfalls that you likely not to find in popular Uganda safari itineraries. However based on its location; the waterfalls can be included in your Uganda gorilla safari itinerary and your chimpanzee safari in Kibale forest Itinerary. 

Gibuzare Water Falls

Gibuzare waterfalls are some of the unpopular and generally unknown waterfalls in Uganda. The waterfalls are found in  Bulambuli district. They are very similar to Sipi falls. There is a possibility that most people who have seen photos of these waterfalls have mistaken them for Sipi falls.

In the same community, there are two other small waterfalls offering some of the best community hikes in Uganda. It is very likely that you will not find these waterfalls in any itinerary. You will either have to speak to your tour agent to include or opt for a self-drive safari in Uganda off the beaten path.