Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire.

Africans in Africa and all over the world will celebrate Africa Liberation Day tomorrow on Wednesday 25th May.

African Liberation Day serves a purpose of creating and cooperation amongst African people from either the continent or diaspora since they share culture and historical similarities based on the struggle of anti-slavery, colonialism, neocolonialism and identity challenges.

Uganda’s Internal Affairs Minister who doubles as the chairperson of Global Pan African Movement Kahinda Otafiire has congratulated the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities, African states and all people of African descent upon their 59th anniversary of the African liberation day and founding of the Organisation of African Unity (African Union).

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This year’s commemorations have come at a time when the Global Pan African Movement is also organising for the 8th Pan-African Congress.

Otafiire said that as they commemorate, Pan Africanism is facing new forms of challenges alongside the tradition ones of neocolonialism such as the recent storms which devastated parts of Africa, terrorism activities, war in Libya and uncontrollable migration of our people in search for greener pastures.

“These challenges threaten Africa’s strategic future. On this note, the movement is disappointed by Africa’s leadership for having failed to adopt the values of Pan Africanism among the citizens, something that would have helped to avert and avoid the problems which affect us today. Hence the need to dismantle all the colonial structures, fight off imperialism and unify as people of African descent,” Otafiire emphasized.

Otafiire added that the movement also condemns the escalation of pressure and acts of the Western Government and their allies in their pursuit of imperialistic interests with their interference with sovereign states especially Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe among others.

“We therefore join the rest of the world’s voices to call for respect for world independence- respecting each other regardless of its size, strength, ideology and influence,” he said.

The Pan African Movement is now ready to explore together the African Union, the Economic Regional Blocs, youth and women empowerment, new strategies to enhance Africa’s long desired frontier of liberating the continent and its people from imperialism, and the realization of the unified African government.

“Deeper engagements of the masses especially the youths will be emphasized for better implementation and affecting of the goals,” he added.

The movement together with the Nile Valley Reunion Project and the African Cooperation Union (UK) are enrolling the NVR program to bridge the existing gaps between Africans, improve business, trade and investments by Africans on the continent, relocations as well as cooperation in all aspects of life.