Absa Bank Uganda MD

The American businessman Alan Gator Charmberlain who has had running battles with ABSA over money transfer mishap wants the bank to apologies.

In December last year, Chamberlain wired money from USAA bank account to his ABSA but the bank claimed the transfer was effected because he had used a wrong Swift Code.

However, after he complained and his lawyer wrote to the bank, the money was later reflected on the ABSA account.  The American businessman also had provide evidence indicating that three previous money transfers using the same Swift code were successfully effected and the funds were dispersed.

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He now wants the bank to apologise ” for the hurdles i went through”. 

Robinah Mukasa, the Head of Communication and Citizenship at Absa Bank Uganda told Eagle Online in January that Chamberlain used foul language in a meeting and broke a door which endangered the employees and customers.

Chamberlain agreed to using “foul language” but insisted it was the Bank’s “deceit and dishonesty” which prompted. “Had ABSA been honest and forthright with its handling of the situation they could have harmonized instead of antagonizing,” 

After the scuffle, Chamberlain was briefly arrested by police and his lawyer’s car impounded by the police.

Chamberlain wants the government to be stricter and regulate cases of fraud in the banking sector.  

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