Model pose for a picture
Model pose for a picture
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Model pose for a picture
Model pose for a picture

Gone are the days when young women would sit calmly and pretend that they are not fazed or excited at the sight of close-to-naked beefy men. Today’s woman stands up, cheers wildly and is not even afraid to smack that attractive man’s bottom.

At least that is what it looked like at Mambo Entertains fashion show held  last Friday at Mask Lounge, Bukoto.

Dubbed Fashion in action, the event had two talented designers,  Joweriah Juuko of Jowiz-D and Latif Madoi,  tussle it out on the red carpet using models from Mambo Entertains.

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Jowiz-D, whose collection mostly consisted of African print and fabric with warm earthy colours like brown, cream and green, dressed the female models in artistic African dresses, jumpsuits, wedding gowns and casual outfits, among others. Latif, on the other hand, decked them in similarly designed silky and velvet dresses with plunging necklines but with different rich colours like purple, red, royal blue and forest green. He said that he designed these while in Amsterdam.

The male models however stole the show with their well toned bodies that literally drove the women crazy. This is because there first showcase was African Jewellery. They were dressed in only trousers and shorts so as to lay emphasis on the jewellery. However the sight of their six packs evoked screams of delight from the women who wanted more and more. Unfortunately for them, the models soon after dressed up in African print designs, still by Jowiz-D. Some of these included the Nigerian Agbada, bitengi shirts and shorts.

The event was also graced by Baraka dancers, a fast rising dance group that has performed at most local gigs as well as in local music videos. Their latest being Davido and Pallaso’s twatoba.

There also were performances from a number of upcoming artistes but the climax of the show was when the long lost Diamond Oscar was invited on stage to perform. He had the crowd grooving to songs like mulungi nyo and so high.

Owned by Micheal Lule, Mambo Entertains is a Ugandan events company currently based in Netherlands. It however has spread its wings in many countries including Rwanda, Belgium, Germany, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Burundi while promoting artistes. some of whom, include Eddy Kenzo, Grace Nakimera and Bebe Cool.

The company which has organized a number of fashion events in Europe, with the help of Latif, also has a modeling agency under its belt and also signs artistes and dancers but is now focusing on promoting Ugandan talent. Baraka dancing crew is a result of this new direction.

It’s maiden Ugandan fashion show was held at backpackers in Mengo. Fashion in action was only its second show in the country.