DIDDLED? Ms Ali Alwi, who says she was instrumental in the return of former Mbabazi aide Christopher Aine.

Its like stuff extracted from Agent James Bond 007’s series by Ian Fleming, involving conspiracy theories, intrigue, intimidation, backstabbing, double-crossing, women and all that goes with espionage.

And this is part of the life Ali Alwi, the woman who claims to have brought back former fugitive Christopher Aine, the former chief bodyguard of presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi from self-exile in Tanzania, is living: she says her life is in danger!

According to Ms Alwi, she together with Aine were the inner handlers of Go-Forward team and presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi, a responsibility that allegedly encouraged the police to draft her, while conversely, her colleague Aine was forced to go into hiding after getting involved in an altercation in Ntungamo town with supporters of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) during the presidential campaigns in December 2015.

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And, narrating her ordeal to EagleOnline today, Ms Alwi said since then the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura, instructed her to spy on Mbabazi and team Go-Forward, with promises of reward.

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“I was in charge of programmes of candidate Mbabazi and I knew who was who and where he was due to travel and basing on that, I was recruited by IGP to give him hourly reports on Mbabazi,” Ms Alwi said.

She added: “I recruited other groups on the promise that Gen. Kayihura was to pay but up to now he hasn’t paid us and instead when I complain, I am intimidated. I reported the case of ‘threatening violence’ at Kasangati police registered as 38/03/05/016 but nothing has been done up to now.”

According to Ms Alwi, she conscripted a team of 17 people in the Go-Forward team to help her with the espionage task but to date none of them has been paid.

Ms Alwi also said she is the one who first made contacts with Aine before she was facilitated by police to travel to Tanzania to arrange for Aine’s return.

“It is me who alerted them that Aine was in Tanzania and I made contact with the IGP; actually Gen. Salim Saleh’s security team grabbed Aine from Gen. Kayihura at Entebbe Airport,” Ms Alwi says of the saga that saw her colleague Aine, the chief bodyguard of Mr Mbabazi, allegedly flee the country.

At the time Mr Aine, who was wanted by police for orchestrating the beating of NRM supporters in Ntungamo during the campaigns, had a bounty of Shs20 million put on his head by IGP Kayihura.

Asked for a comment on Ms Alwi allegations, Mr Jonathan Baroza, the personal assistant to Gen. Kayihura, said he couldn’t elaborate much about Alwi but rather referred EagleOnline to Eng. Badru Kiggundu, the chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) who, according to Ms Alwi, is a friend to her father.

“I you want to know about her issue, please talk to Eng. Badru Kiggundu as he is the one handling her case,” Mr Baroza saids on phone earlier today.

And when contacted, Eng. Kiggundu,  was cagey about Ms Alwi’s issue but said he would prefer meeting this reporter for a face-to-face meeting.

“I rather if you make an appointment and we meet and see what kind of information you want,” Eng. Kiggundu said on phone.

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