When NBS TV and CBS Radio presenter, lady Titie real names Tendo Tabel left Denis Katongole popularly known as Katongole Omutongole’s home, many thought it was a public stunt to promote their shows that had been lined up.

She soon hooked up another guy, a one Deo Serunjogi.

This was followed with an introduction last month but still many took it a stunt, however, we can authoritatively inform you that the two lovebirds have formalized their marriage.

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The wedding is ongoing at a church that is still kept a secret at the moment for fear of Katongole spoiling the event, as he threatened a few weeks back.



This is the second time that Titie is walking down the aisle with the first having been in 2010 when she married Katongole.

Their wedding, which took place at Pastor Simeon Kayiwa’s church, Namirembe Christian Fellowship Church is still in the books as one of the cheapest weddings in history.

The Beat FM and Delta TV presenter said the wedding cost him less than Shs2 million.
The wedding had no more than 50 guests – all relatives to the bride and groom.

“The challenge to keep the marriage is between you as we are the witnesses,” the pastor said as he issued the marriage certificates to the couple.



“This wedding is purely spiritual; that is why we didn’t want people to know about it because as an aspiring politician [Katongole was contesting for Bbale County Constituency I have a lot of accountability to make to my financiers and the electorate,” Katongole said.

But just like his wedding was kept a secret, even Deo has kept his a secret. We shall keep you informed.