Jack Pemba

Self-styled moneybag, Jack Pemba was initially listed among the sponsors for this year’s Miss Uganda.

However, his banner was out of sight on the day of the unveiling of this year’s Miss Uganda contestants. We later learnt he had pulled out of the project. Word reaching us is his pulling out wasn’t because of his own liking but rather he is currently going through financial difficulties just like many Ugandans.

Apparently he has accumulated several debts that are even threatening some of his properties.

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Reports indicate he has already put up one of his cars for sale to pay off a city money lender who is on his neck over taking a loan of US$10, 000 (approximately Shs35m) that he failed to clear.

This prompted the money lender to confiscate his car that he had put as security while taking the loan.

Consequently the car, a blue Hummer registered in the UAY series has been put on sale for a whopping US$25 000 by the moneylender.