MOTHER AND CHILD: Kaloondozi presenter Aisha with her newly-born baby girl.

The most popular presenter to have graced the airwaves on ABS TV since inception, Aisha of the ‘Kalondoozi’ programme fame, is a mother. Aisha gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Sunday and mum and baby are okay.

However, the dad of the baby is still a mystery at the moment – a reason why a section of the public is quick to conclude that the father is ABS TV owner, Pastor Augustine Yiga. Reason?

When singer Maggie Kayima, popularly known as Nabbi Omukazi, left Pastor Yiga’s church, she accused him of dating almost all of his female flock.

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Nabbi Omukazi was a girlfriend to Yiga and alleged that the ‘Abizayo’ pastor hadn’t spared even her young sister Betty Namisinga and then ‘Kalondoozi’ host, Aisha.

And when she quit the church together with her younger sister, Aisha took over full duties as Yiga’s wife. However, the two fell out a few months ago when Yiga introduced another woman.

As a result Aisha quit the station in protest, though she is believed to have left with the pregnancy. And if it turns out that the child is Yiga’s, then it would be his second publicly known child following another one he fathered with the late Brenda Nalubega, whom he allegedly raped resulting in a pregnancy and the contracting Aids.

Ms Brenda Nalubega succumbed to the disease last month.


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