Makerere University main building.

The wife of one of Makerere’s top dons is engaged in bitter fight with a Secretary at the University for romping with her hubby.

The man at the center of the office sex romp with his Secretary, a woman almost half his age, is highly respected in the Catholic Church circles but has two wives.

Sources said he has been having steamy encounters with his Secretary without the knowledge of his ‘wives’ since 2015 and, distraught, one of his wives attacked the Secretary after getting information from her workmates about the ‘carpet interviews’.

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During the verbal attack between the two charged ladies, the don was hiding in his posh office at the Main Building and efforts by the security personnel to intervene and calm the situation were of no value because shame and harm had already been inflicted on the don and his romp mate. The issue was reserved as a top secret from the University administration and staff.

However, the sex pest Don was never moved by this incident as he openly continued with the affair with his mistress, who in turn is making life uncomfortable for some of her nemesis at the workplace.

In our next episode, we bring you the details about a private penthouse where aging CEO’s feast on their prey.

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