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Stella Nyanzi’s twins thank public as they celebrate birthday

CELEBRATING BIRTHDAY: Dr. Stella Nyanzi twins Kato and Wasswa celebrating their 10th birthday.

“My son’s birthday falls on the same day as President Kizza Besigye’s. It was a pleasure to share food, drink and cake with the twins, their sister, our relations and friends. Laughter and merriment are medicine to embittered souls. And it is great to have my ban on Facebook over,” Makerere University researcher, Stella Nyanzi wrote last year as she celebrated her sons’ ninth birthday.

The twins; Kato and Wasswa made 10 years on Sunday but unlike last year, this time their birthday was celebrated in absence of their mother who is still incarcerated in Luzira prison for calling President Yoweri Museveni ‘a pair of buttocks’. Nevertheless, her absence didn’t stop them from celebrating their birthday.

The birthday cake for Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s twins, Kato and Wasswa.

“The boys turned 10 and like is custom, a birthday party was thrown in their honour. This year was a little different and Mama Stella’s absence was felt. However, the children still had a great time as they soaked in the sun and played all day long,” reads a message shared on Stella Nyanzi’s Facebook Timeline.
“Kato and Waswa together with their sister Baraka thanked Stella’s friends who were in attendance for supporting and being there for their mother during this time. Happy birthday again, Kato and Waswa,” the handle read in part.
Their mother, Stella Nyanzi has been in jail for over two weeks now. Her children who had never seen her since her arrest two weeks back tried to visit her last week but they were denied access. However, they were later allowed in.


Their mother, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, is expected in court tomorrow for her bail application.