As hundreds turned up at Namirembe Cathedral for the service of late socialite, Ivan Ssemwanga, it later turned out that not all who came were purposely there for the Church service.

A section of people appear to have come expecting to ‘milk’ money out of showy socialites who were expected to show up at Church.

Indeed many socialites turned up and among them included Jack Pemba, Godfrey Kirumira, Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena to mention a few. But of the group, perhaps audience knew Pemba as the most generous.

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As soon as the service ended, they swarmed the car, expecting to pick money on a first come, first serve basis. It wasn’t long that Pemba arrived. He entered his car, a convertible and lowered the roof, further arousing the anxiety of the masses that were surrounding his car, expecting him to throw money in air as he has been known.

To their disappointment, he just started the car, the disappointed masses couldn’t just let him go as they blocked his way and it took the intervention of his bouncers that a passage was created for him.

He drove off as the public taunted him that they were to report him to police for he is a wanted man.

Meanwhile, Bebe Cool and his wife also turned up at Church in his eight year old Hummer in what appeared like trying to live to the theme of the day. Perhaps having realized that his car was more old compared to the cars around, he parked behind other vehicles as majority of the cars in the Church’s parking lot were new and more luxurious.

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