Malabo, Equatorial Guinea: view over the modern Malabo Motorway / Autopista de Malabo - GEPetrol tower on the left


Exile has never been an option for any leader or a peasant but rumour has it that one of the presidents in the East African region has established a home and business empire in Equatorial Guinea.

According to sources, Equatorial Guinea, the said leader who wields political clout around the region is said to have considered Guinea because of its close to sea and laidback in terms of influence from Western powers.

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In 2017, former Gambian strongman Yahya Jammeh fled his country to Equatorial Guinea where he is exiled. It is reported that he invested most of his money he looted back in Gambia in Malabo.

The leader whom we cannot describe but widely traveled and respected but also has a lot of political clout back in his country is said to be considering Malabo as his retirement home when he retires.

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