Home Opinions Platform H.E General Obasanjo is a wrong choice for the mediation of the Ethiopian conflict

H.E General Obasanjo is a wrong choice for the mediation of the Ethiopian conflict

H.E General Obasanjo is a wrong choice for the mediation of the Ethiopian conflict
President Obasanjo



Pan African Forum states that the Ethiopian conflict has given millions across Africa and the world sleepless nights. The world is trying to see how it can help Ethiopia peace. We have looked at the American civil war and how Abraham Lincoln handled it.We have learnt some lessons which we can now share with those who want peace in Ethiopia.

Pan African Forum knows that if you face a big problem, avoid making it bigger. President Abraham Lincoln understood the wisdom of this advice during the Trent affair, a diplomatic crisis between the United States and Great Britain that began one hundred sixty years ago and nearly led to war.

Pan African Forum agrees with Lincoln’s restraint and commitment to his top priorities that offered a valuable lesson: Often the conflicts you don’t engage in can be just as important as the ones you do. The AU played in the hands of the conflict in Ethiopia.

Pan African Forum therefore states that the conflict in Ethiopia is worry for peace in the region and for those concerned about Africa like us.  We listened to General Obasanjo address the UNSC yesterday as the AU Special Mediator on the war in Ethiopia.

Pan African Forum has made its conclusion that the biggest problem AU and Africa makes all the time  is to think that  General Obasanjo can bring peace anywhere in Africa .The General  has a poor record of solving any conflict on the continent and he cannot change things in the ongoing  Ethiopian conflict.

Pan Africa Forum would like to remind all those hoping for good news to prepare for shocks. We say boldly that Obasanjo will make matters worse for Ethiopia. This African son of soil with due respect is poor at negotiations and hungry for money. He will grab money and leave Ethiopia bleeding like he did to South Sudan. He will accelerate the collapse of Ethiopia.

Pan African Forum has serious intelligence evidence back to 20 years ago and these records speak volumes about the failures of General Obosanjo in peace process on African continent. Let the world know that from the Taylor case, Zimbabwe sanctions, Zimbabwe Commonwealth debacle, the DRC Nkunda case, the South Sudan conflict, General Obosanjo has failed to deliver solutions. Let us not kill the people of Ethiopia twice. They need serious help now and not tomorrow.

We note with great concern and condemn the violence in Ethiopia. The rebels and the Government seem to be at opposite ends given the double standards of USA which has now initiated the removal of Dr.Abiy Ahmed from power. We saw this 2 years ago and warned the world.

Pan Africa African  therefore concludes that the AU Peace Mediator on Ethiopian Conflict us not capable of resolving anything even if Sahara Desert turned into an Ocean  of water

Let the AU send other peace envoys to Ethiopia like Former President of MozambiqueJoachim Chissano who have delivered peace in Uganda, Madagascar and other places.  General Obasanjo like the late former UN Secretary General has bad luck in solving conflicts in Africa. He will leave Ethiopia in worse situation like he did to South Sudan situation. If we are wrong, then time will tell.



Dr. David Nyekorach-Matsanga