A senior cabinet minister is in trouble after his wife caught him pants-down with a housemaid in their marital bedroom.

The said minister is a known beaded-beef lover whose record among the female colleagues is undisputed. The man is described by his colleagues as a Mister Lover Man.

Sources further revealed to this website that the incident happened over the weekend as the wife reportedly duped him that she would be away for a function. However, she made a fool of him only to return after hours and found the two entangled in bedsheets. Family sources revealed that what annoyed the wife more is the fact that her husband decided to bed the housemaid despite her ugly looks.

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“The wife was heartbroken. How would a man bed such a housemaid? She has had issues with maids but we didn’t know why she would often change them! But this one was not a beautiful maid. However, love is blind like the old addage goes.”

The said minister who usually rubs shoulders with top generals hails from the central region and his youthful wife is said to be from another region.

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