Spice Diana on her hospital bed

Spice Diana has cancelled her upcoming after she was beaten at the KCCA carnival by people she says are policemen.

Speaking from her sickbed, Spice Diana announced that she had cancelled all her upcoming shows because of her current health state.

“Am so sorry to announce that will not be able to perform in some places I am supposed to be because of my condition,” she wrote on social media.

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Meanwhile, we have learnt that police has opened up a case against her, accusing her of beating up a police officer.

According to police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, Spice Diana and her manager assaulted a Police officer on duty after they were refused access to the City Carnival.

It is alleged that following the incident, Spice Diana was arrested and briefly detained at Nkrumah Police post. She was later released on police bond. But on the contrary, Spice Diana says it was police that beat her up.

“Today, after my first performance at the carnival I was beaten so badly and disrespected by ruthless so called police officers and I am nursing wounds.  We give you power to protect us, keep law and order but ts you the same people that go against the law and do vice versa. Why should we be treated like strangers in our own country,” she bemoaned.