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Why I stopped going for AU meetings  

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By Dr. David Matsanga in Africa 

It has been eight years since I last attended any of the African Union Heads of State and Government Summits in Addis Ababa. This is because the new convener Dr Faki Moussa Mahamat was corruptly installed through Total Oil Africa via the French Intelligence Systems. I love Africa but I cannot be a party to a coverup of corruption.

This lady from Morocco based in France working for Total oil Africa as Executive Director (name withheld) was visible by all delegations paying $50,000 new notes of dollars to almost all delegations that agreed to vote for the Chadian French candidate Dr Faki Moussa Mahamat.

The only countries that did not receive that money or refused that cash money were: Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Saharawi Republic, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Mauritius, Burundi, Malawi and Zambia. I want to thank these countries for being patriotic.

There is enough evidence that I can table for any doubting Thomases on the continent that shows that the lady from Morocco the former Total Oil Africa Executive Director installed the AUC Chair by bribing some of delegations in Addis Ababa.

One thing that occurred after the voting was the type of open bribery of those whose presidents were tough in the hall like President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. He never liked corruption so his minister did it.

The lady bribed the then Zimbabwe Foreign Minister (name withheld) and when I notified the late President Mugabe about his Foreign Minister having been compromised by this lady from Morocco late Mugabe was furious.

I gave the late President Mugabe a video I captured from my camera of her giving bundles of $50,000 to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe. The tough talking late President Mugabe sacked the minister the following day after reviewing the video.

Another incident is when the lady of Total oil Africa was videoed having breakfast with Dr.Faki Moussa Mahamat one table near me where I sat with Dr. Dangote and a former Member of Parliament  for Tetu in Kenya. The same lady had on previous day approached several delegations giving them hard cash money in dollars.

My fellow Africans who are gathered today in Addis Ababa that is how AUC current leadership came to power. So, after this is I decided not to attend AU Summits.

I knew that AU had been captured by France through Total oil Africa and Dr. Faki Moussa Mahamat from Chad had been forced on African Union.

Since then I made a covenant with God that I will only return to AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa when Dr.Faki Moussa Mahamat is gone and a new chairperson is  installed  in the AUC .

In the last eight years, I have also spent time investigating AUC and its operations, the revelations will shock any African who cares to know about our institutions. 

The AU popularity has dropped. It needs a new AUC Chairperson who enjoys numerous and largely unmatched advantages, such as the sheer abundance of political knowledge and space to resolve conflicts in Africa.

Imagine a continent with natural resources with high productivity and vast reserves of venture capital but begs for donations?

I do understand the downsides, of course, not least pockets of extreme poverty and the very real fear that losing jobs which also means losing one’s livelihood. But we must not fear to say the truth, there is no unity in AU at all.

Today Africa needs a mature Pan Africanist who will not be bought by external dark forces that have destroyed our continent.

It needs a man or a woman you cannot corrupt at all. It needs a person who feels for masses not one who amasses wealth from the Gulf States like the current Chairperson of AUC has been doing. You need an AUC who will not betray Africa. I will support candidates that meet these qualities.

It would be remiss of me not to add a little more negativity about our African Unity. The AU abysmal administrative situation is even worse if you look at it from a personal level of the leadership of Dr. Faki Moussa Mahamat who failed to unite Africa

He is there just to cut deals with the Gulf state on Libya, Sudan and DRC conflicts while conflicts increased on the continent. A man whose President in Chad was murdered by rebels and chose to dine with them in Qatar.

The fundamental truth is this: AU and its Commissions need reforms or complete overhaul because the AU is poorer than when it was formed in 1963. It has not created its own resources.

The Charter of AU does not bring about real unity. The charter brings divisions instead. It has unity at all. Almost all African countries are about to fragment.

Take for example Nigeria where my good friend General Obasanjo comes from which has the poorest Human Rights record on earth with Jihadists killing people, kidnap, torture, bandits, and the AU or AUC Chairperson has never reprimanded any of the leaders of Nigeria about human Rights abuses in Nigeria.

As I write now Nigeria is just a shell waiting to collapse and nothing has appeared on the agenda of AU Summits!! The Libyan, the Sudan, the DRC conflicts are the most painful scenes that Dr. Faki Moussa Mahamat has watched and supervised as they unfold.

AU is sitting on a political grenade whose pin can be pulled and then we see the painful jigsaw. Let us make it work. I have written letter like Mr.Boxer of the Book of the Animal Farm and it is only God who will reward me .

I back the Candidate that my country and EAC puts forward as it laid down by the Charter. Whoever candidate will be, the Heads of State and Government must choose a reliable person.

This person must be a person who can tackle and fight off the recapture of our organisation by external dark forces? I wish all of you good discussions in Addis Ababa.

Hopefully all Agenda will be discussed and tabled by Tanzania on the conflict zones like Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, DRC and Libya and on the failure of African Peopes Court of Justice and Human Rights in Arusha Tanzania.

God bless Africa


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