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Divisions and war of words in IGAD is not good for the conflict of Sudan

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Peace Greetings 

Your Excellencies 

Heads of state, the dangerous war of words within IGAD is worrying us as citizens of the region and it looks like it is not over yet. There seems to be a total confusion in IGAD Secretariat and at AUC on how to handle the conflict. 

Heads of State, IGAD and AUC leadership seem to be clueless on the conflict of Sudan. It is because they are personally sucked into both sides of the conflict. They seem to be-serving external forces that have dismembered African unity. 

Heads of State, the race for a better Africa is on. In little less than 100 days from now Sudan war will be one year since the it started in April 2023. The conflict in Sudan is a shame to the unity of Africa.

Heads of State, on a number of occasions, I have written to both the proud heads of IGAD and AUC Secretariat and Commission respectively about the Sudan conflict but they seem to hear to the instructions of external dark forces than to anyone with a different approach on Sudan.

 Heads of State, sporadic polls across East Africa and the Horn of Africa suggests that most citizens are fed up with IGAD and AU for their failure to stop wars and conflicts in the region. The DRC conflict that AU should have resolved is an example.

Heads of State two surveys were done in November by my organization among Africans on the continent and the diaspora that indicated that almost 80% of those asked on told us that they had no confidence in the current Chairperson of AU and the Executive Secretary of IGAD.

Heads of State, this is a substantial number given that most of them are young people who want a better Africa for future generations. But one significant source of uncertainty in Africa is the lack of unity within these agencies. What is certain is that the AU and IGAD have failed us on almost all the conflicts in Africa and especially the Sudan conflict.

Heads of State, why has IGAD/AUC not seen the signs of external influence which one can see on both sides of the two warring Generals. The two Generals in the Sudan conflict area not just a clash of personalities but a battle of ideas both external. I agree with President Museveni when he said Sudan is for Africa not for the two individuals only.

Heads of State, one side of the Sudan conflict holds a card that can bring the war to an end. That card is General Bashir and ICC factor. It is a great factor that IGAD and some AU amateur peace negotiators have not put in context. Allow other key players to come on board to help.

Heads of State, the ICC is the main obstacle in the Sudan conflict. Before the war broke out, it is on record that, one side wanted to hand over Bashir and the other side totally opposed the idea. Given the above obstacle which can be resolved by UN Security Council under Chapter VII Article 39& 40 that clear on deferral Sudan can heal.

Heads of State, from the humanitarian crisis to human rights abuses by both sides, there is plenty for IGAD & AUC have not covered told the world. Any peace maker who wants peace in Sudan must sink their teeth into the accountability obstacle which haunts the peace process.

Heads of State there is a sea of disturbed Africans like me who were confounded by the number of weapons and recruits that both sides have amassed. My research that I will table will shock the world.

Heads of State as the Nigeria from West Africa near collapse there is a huge presence of about three million Nigerians in Sudan that were found there or recruited by both sides. This is an alarming situation that must worry IGAD and AU. 

Heads of State, these figures of mostly West Africans caught in the war and who had wanted to cross over towards Libya to Europe becomes a new recruiting zone for both sides. These huge numbers are likely to put the brakes on excited chatter about a peace in Sudan.

Heads of State, the underlining truth is that there is still plenty of hard work to bring back peace and order in Sudan given that some member countries of IGAD and AU are interested parties in the conflict. It is therefore important for each State to open on interests that have a danger to torpedo the process.

Heads of State to throw in the potential for a regional conflict in the Middle East disrupting the supplies lines in the Red Sea, there seem to be plenty of reason for caution on the peace process of Sudan.

Heads of State, to prevent any feelings of culinary jet lag, to Uganda the leaders of IGAD and AUC must recreate with those tucking into their bone marrow for peace through the type of dialogue that can give hope in the region.

Heads of State the war in Sudan is shaping up to be the collaboration we didn’t even know we needed in the region. Each side of the conflict is using a ‘doughnut strategy’ that IGAD and AU have not discovered for one year and thought of because of the type EGO IGAD and AUC bosses have created in these institutions.

Lastly Heads of State try informal strategy, get the two Generals to like each other first, before you bring them together on table. No peace can be achieved if both main actors (Generals) hate each other to the level shooting each other. When (I and Ruhakana Rugunda) negotiated the Uganda Peace in Juba (GOU/LRA) peace accord in 2006-2008 both the first was have President Museveni and Joseph Kony agree on Agenda 

Heads of State, citizens of Africa need peace in Sudan and some of us are ready to help where possible to bring Sudan back. Turning a peace process into a profit-making circus when people are dying in Sudan is very dangerous Africa. 

Heads of State, I have spoken my mind without fear of favor because if i don’t, God will be upset with me. I always tell truth like I did with ICC in Africa. At my age (over 65 years) on earth I must fight for future generation not future election.

Heads of State, God gave me life to speak for the voiceless Africans. I have plethora of evidence on this matter of Sudan. IGAD /AUC must reduce their EGO and allow informal diplomacy to help in peace building in Africa.

Your Excellencies thanks to you

God bless Africa 

Dr. David Nyekorach -Matsanga  

Chairman / Founder PAF 

Member of RAS/ IISS/Chatham House 

Done in Accra Ghana


H E President Museveni Uganda

H E President Samia Suluhu Tanzania

H E President Dr. William S Ruto Kenya

H E President Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan Sudan

H E Rt. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ethiopia 

H E President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea 

H E President Salva Kirr of South Sudan

H E President Ismail Omar Guelleh Djibouti 

H E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Somalia 


RSF Leader HE General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (“Hemetti”

HE HEUN Secretary General António Guterres 

HE Chairperson AUC-Dr.Moussa Faki Mahamat 

HE Dr.Workneh Gebeyehu 

IGAD Executive Secretary

EAC Secretary HE General Dr Peter Mathuki

Special Envoy for Special Duties HE Rt.Ruhakana Rugunda  Emeritus Prime Minister of Uganda

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