Josephine Mayanja-Nkangi's relationship with Amama Mbabazi has hit rock bottom (NV Photo)

After losing in the elections and failing to change public perception about him, Go-Forward boss Amama Mbabazi has given his communications director two weeks to vacate his apartment in Bunga.

According to sources, Mr Amama Mbabazi is demanding over six months in unpaid rent from Ms Mayanja Nkangi who has been staying at the former premier’s posh apartments in Bunga.

According to sources in the Go-Forward team, Mr Mbabazi has sent a strong message to Ms Nkangi, cut off power and water supply to Nkangi’s apartment to force her out.

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Another source however says the arrangement to use the apartment was between Ms Nkangi and Mr Mbabazi’s daughter Nina Mbabazi.

Ms Nkangi, 41, has been Mr Mbabazi communication and branding guru right from the time he served as Prime Minister.

Lately, Mr Mbabazi has been at cross roads with most of his staff over failure to pay their dues. Ms Nkangi, who is being pushed out of the apartment is also yet to be paid her salary for the last couple of months.

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